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Sex Toy in India considered to be objectionable and some part of India still consider it as taboo. Some rural parts of the India have no idea about the whereabouts of sex toy. Since trends are changing slowly and steadily, now The approach and awareness about sex are making people open in nature towards several objectives to try for. The Tier 1 cities of India are more open towards trying new things when it comes to fetish. India is having progressive approach which reflects in its day to day purchasing and GDP. Like metro cities, rural towns are also getting advance and welcoming in their approach to try certain adventures in fetish outlook. Knight Queen is one such prominent adult toy store in Patna,Chhattisgarh, where you can approach for all your fetish requirement. At our online store, You will came across certain advance and innovative products for man, women and couple. Sex toy in general are made up of materials like asbestos, rubber plastic and silicone, Abs Hard plastic Metal and wood. Quality of the material used in Sex toy is of prime Importance. If sex toy consist of phthalates in them then it will create certain medical condition with your genitals which further cause irritation and certain reaction. We at Knight queen sell sex toy which is phthalate free and our toys consist of materials which is skin friendly and often used as surgical materials in case of breast implantation .Why Silicone is Mostly used as a material in Sex toy ?Silicone used in sex toy is non porus material and it’s property of getting squishy makes it more idle to be used in sex toy .Silicone toys are best used with water-based lubricants. Due to it’s Non porus property It’s difficult for bacteria to develop on it’s material surface , Therefore Any non porus material counts in as Idle for Skin friendly uses .What’s there in toys?At Knight queen we have sex toy for man , women and couple , For man we have fleshlight vibrator , Solid Silicone Love Doll , penis ring and penis sleeve . Most prominently used sex toy is fleshlight vibrator. This is most used masturbator which is in shape of container consist of pussy anal and mouth resembling sleeves inside it . The excitement of masturbation rise to another level when you apply water based lubes and do it . For women we have Certain Vibrators , Dildos and Breast Enlarger pump . The most prominently used toys are Rabbit vibrator . Since it consist of Rabbit ear shape attachment which reaches every core of the vagina , the ear shape reach clitoris and give good orgasm to women . Try Sex toy to get more such exotic pleasure and awesome orgasm .How to clean Toys like fleshlight Vibrator ?The fleshlight vibrator comprises of the sleeve in container, both need to be clean separately. To free silicone sleeve you need to unleash and open both ends of the container. Rinse and wash container with soap and water and keep it to dry. To clean silicone sleeve rinse out any water-based lubricant or bodily fluids. Do not use hot water or soap on foreskin of flesh light, it will degrade the material . To clean silicone sleeve you need to have toy cleaner ,after cleaning the sleeve and dry it with towel . After drying foreskin may look sticky and tacky , it’s normal things . To restore the soft texture of the sleeve, dust it with Fleshlight Powder Renewer. The next time you come to play, the Fleshlight will feel as silky smooth as the day you bought it .Why Purchase from Knight Queen ?Knight Queen is only store in region with advance and innovative sex toy , We have partnered with the best courier services to make sure our delivery is fast and reliable. Delivery is fast and discreet you don’t have to worry about being name shamed for buying sex toy . Buy from us and shop more for your fetish as well as sexual wellness.